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Vanessa Best

Vanessa Best

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What is 5010 compliance?

If your practice doesn’t know or you haven’t begun to prepare for this critical change, please read on. In less than 80 days new HIPAA 5010 standards will go into effect. The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has mandated that all providers, clearinghouses and healthplans use a new standard in electronic transactions called HIPAA 5010 or ANSI 5010. Electronic transactions include but are not limited to electronic claims, eligibility requests, electronic remittances, and electronic referrals.

Thinking about starting a business?  Wish you were self-employed?  The medical billing industry needs you.

What is medical billing? 

Just as with any business, keeping accounts straight and up-to-date, from the time a patient is treated through receipt of payment, brings in the money to keep things going.  Medical billing specialists “bird-dog” the process from start to finish, to ensure claims are complete and accurate, submitted quickly and payments are collected on time.  

The future of healthcare is changing and doctors need skilled professionals help navigate the business of ANSI 5010, ICD 10, Electronic Health Records, E-Prescribing. Vanessa Best, Principal of Precision was invited to participate in the 1st Annual Women in Business Economic Empowerment Summit in NYC. 

Vanessa Best of Precision HealthCare Consultants was invited to a meeting at the Office of US Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand as part of "Small Business Working Group" March 15 2011.

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