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RelayHealth secure HIPAA compliant online connectivity solutions enable providers to connect with other insurance companies-payors, other providers, patients and pharmacies online to get secure access to real-time information. RelayHealth leverages the strength of revenue cycle management solutions as a partner for your practice.

eScript Electronic Prescribing

Medicare will begin paying incentives for electronic prescribing in 2009 under the new program Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008(MIPPA) Not prescribing professionals will receive penalties for non compliance. Click here to read full program guidelines from CMS

Here is a quick look:

Calender Year Incentive for Successful E-Prescriber Penalty for Not E-Prescribing
2009 2.0 % incentive 0.0%
2010 2.0 % incentive 0.0%
2011 1.0 % incentive 0.0%
2012 1.0 % incentive -1.0%
2013 0.5 % incentive -1.5%
2014 0.0 % incentive -2.0%

Manage Prescriptions Quickly, Easily and Safely eScript Solutions

The task associated with writing and renewing prescriptions cause physicians to sacrifice time, money and safety. Here are the facts:


• Indecipherable or unclear prescriptions result in 150 million calls from pharmacists to physicians asking for clarification
• Average Physician writes 30 prescriptions a day and another 30 refill requests


• Typical pharmacy call-back costs physician practices $5-$7 to pull and review the chart and return the call


• Due largely to legibility problems, prescription orders must be confirmed at the pharmacy level in almost 40 percent of cases

Writing prescriptions is easy, safe and secure. With eScript, providers can receive their renewals online from patients and local and retail pharmacies. They can approve (or deny) prescription renewals with a single click.To learn more Contact us or call us at 888-265-2547


  • Eligibility Verification – provides quick integrated confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage, with the click of a button
  • Electronic Claims Processing – enables accurate claims submission and helps reduce rejected claims before they get to the payer through thousands of front line edits.
  • Electronic Remittance Processing – Through the payers system, you will receive notification of what the payer will pay on the claims in an electronic format. The billing staff can then post an entire EOB in just seconds, reducing paperwork, increasing accuracy and eliminate processing costs associated with manual data entry.
  • Electronic Patient Statement – eliminate the labor-intensive preparation of routing patient statement processing. Your statements can gout every week if you would like. Click Here to Find More

WEB VISITS- Reimbursed by Many Insurance Companies

"Face –to-face visits will continue to be an important form of clinician and patient interaction…but in many cases, face-to-face visits are not wanted by either clinician or patient, nor are they truly needed. Substitution other forms of care, such as electronic communication for some face-to-face visits presents an opportunity not only to improve care-make it safer, more effective,patient-centered, and timely-but also to make it more efficient". Committee on Quality of Health Car in America.

Designed and intended for use between patients and doctors with pre-established relationships, the RelayHealth service goes to great lengths to education patients aobut the proper circumstances in which to use online communication- including the webVisit. High-visibility notices emphasizing that webVisit consultations are excluselively for non-urgent health matters appear at the onset of each webVisit, and patients must actively consent to the webVisit terms. Contact us for more information.


The practice of medicine has become inexorably linked to the telephone. The Institute of Medicine has reported that 90% of all US health are transactions take place by phone, costing the industry $280 billion annually-primarily for office staff and physician time, as well as telephone and fax charges...

Filling prescription renewals, reporting lab results, scheduling appointments, investigation billing questions- all take precious hours out of every office day.

  • Convenient, Accessible, Secure Patient Services
  • A Convenient Way to Handle Simple, Non-Urgent Questions
  • Prescription Refills/Renewals
  • Appointments
  • Labs
  • Insurance/Billing Questions


Sign up for full suite of Relay Health Solutions and You will receive a free website! Our professionals will assist you in setting up your personalized site that may include a portal for Online Office, Web Visits, EPrescribing, Services, Messaging Services, Patient Education Information, Directions to your office and more. Contact us today! or Call Us 888-265-2547


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