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Training DVD's & CD's

One of the best ways to learn NDC Medisoft is at your own pace, in front of your own computer, using your own data. NDC Medisoft Interactive Training is a library of CD-ROMs that walk you step-by-step through the NDC Medisoft program. It's available anytime you need—just put the CD-ROM in your computer and start learning.

There are six CD-ROMs in the NDC Medisoft Interactive Training library. You can own all six or even just one— it's your choice. Each CD-ROM has information on specific topics and includes visual and audio instruction and hands-on activities. The instruction is easy to understand, clearly presented, and easy to navigate. NDC Medisoft Interactive Training is an excellent source for training existing staff and new hires.

CD #1 — Set up and Maintenance
Learn the proper way to set up and maintain your NDC Medisoft program. Setting preferences, filling in practice information, and performing file maintenance are important parts of the program that build a foundation for your day-to-day activities.

CD #2 — Daily Accounting Activities
Learn the correct and most efficient way to enter accounting data in NDC Medisoft. Accounting for charges, payments, and adjustments is vital to your practice – great care should be taken to establish the proper routines for entering such data.

CD #3 — Billing and Accounts Receivable
Learn how to bill patients and payers. Patient and insurance billing is your lifeline to cash flow, so learning how to do it right is critical.

CD #4 — Cash Flow Analysis and Practice Management
Learn how NDC Medisoft can help you manage your cash flow and support other important areas of your practice.

CD #5 — Appointment Scheduling
Learn how to see more patients with the electronic appointment scheduler Office Hours. Learn how to use the features to find, schedule, and manage your patients’ appointments.

CD #6 — Custom Reports and Utilities
Learn to create custom reports and how to customize NDC Medisoft to fit the needs of your practice. Learn how to use the other utilities of NDC Medisoft, such as backup and restore and file maintenance.


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